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Includes date, time, and location. All interested parties are encouraged to attend.

What is the Clean Rivers Program?

The Texas Clean Rivers Program The Texas Clean Rivers Program (CRP) was implemented to maintain and improve the quality of surface water resources within each river basin in Texas. The CRP is a partnership involving the TCEQ, other state agencies, river authorities, local governments, industry, and citizens. Using a watershed management approach, CRP partner agencies work with the TCEQ to identify and evaluate surface water quality issues and to establish priorities for corrective action. The CRP provides a vehicle for local, regional, and statewide interests to examine water quality issues on a watershed basis. Planning and management by watershed allows the examination of complex relationships between water resources and human activity. The water quality assessments performed under the CRP focus on the cumulative effects of a variety of potential pollutant sources within the context of the natural setting of a particular watershed.

Public Outreach

The steering committee posts minutes and agendas online for the public to view on our website. You can find these documents by clicking the buttons below or from the navigation menu above.

The Texas Stream Team

The Texas Stream Team is a network of trained volunteers and supportive partners working to gather information about our natural resources. Read more about these volunteers here or visit their website.

Sulphur River Basin Authority

The Sulphur River Basin is in the northeast corner of Texas. The basin includes all or part of Fannin, Hunt, Lamar, Hopkins, Red River, Franklin, Titus, Morris, Bowie, Cass and Delta counties.

Contact Info

Sulphur River Basin Authority (SRBA)
911 North Bishop St.
Suite C 104
Wake Village, Texas 75501