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    The Sulphur River Basin is in the northeast corner of Texas. The basin includes all or part of Fannin, Hunt, Lamar, Hopkins, Red River, Franklin, Titus Morris, Bowie, Cass and Delta counties. The headwater streams are the North and South Sulphur Rivers. These rivers originate in Fannin County. The Middle Sulphur converges with the South Sulphur at Cooper Lake. These rivers all converge and flow eastward into Wright Patman Lake and exit Texas south of the city of Texarkana. The Sulphur River Basin drainage area is approximately 3,558 square miles.

What is the Clean Rivers Program?

     The Sulphur River Basin Authority (SBRA) has contracted with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to conduct the Clean Rivers Program (CRP) for the Sulphur River Basin. For information concerning the Texas Clean Rivers Program and how to get involved enter the CRP page and Public Outreach. Texas has many organizations designed to inform and educate the public, for example, the Texas Stream Team offers information on recycling and volunteer activities statewide.








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