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SRBA Executive Director Search


The Sulphur River Basin Authority is accepting resumes for the position of Executive Director. 


The Executive Director shall be the chief executive officer of the Sulphur River Basin Authority (the “Authority”) and under policies established by its Board of Directors shall be responsible for:


1) Administering the directives of the Board.

2) Keeping the Authority’s records, including minutes of the meetings of the Board.

3) Coordinating with state, federal and local agencies.

4) Developing plans and programs for the approval of the Board.

5) Hiring, supervising, training and discharging the Authority’s employees, as authorized by the Board.

6) Contracting for technical, scientific, legal, fiscal and other professional services, as authorized by the Board.

7) Providing expertise in the securing and management of contracts for the Authority related to studies conducted within the Sulphur River Basin, and assisting in obtaining funds from federal and state agencies.

8) Assisting in the advancement of regional water supply projects and programs benefitting the Sulphur River Basin and its stakeholders.

9) Assisting in supporting the State of Texas and regional water supply planning and development programs.

10) Assisting in the development of the capacity and capability to manage the Sulphur River Basin water and waste infrastructures.

11) Assisting in the development and implementation of public relations programs, and representing the Authority in state and national water-related meetings.

12) Performing such duties as may be assigned by the Board.

13) Ability to navigate and work with stake holders throughout the Basin whose interests may conflict with one another.


The ideal candidate would have a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university.  Management experience in water or other governmental agencies would be a plus.


Salary and benefits will be based on experience as well as educational background.


Please submit completed resume to Chris Spencer, Chairman of the Sulphur River Basin Board of Directors at  Applications and resumes may also be mailed to:

Sulphur River Basin Authority

911 North Bishop Street

Suite C104

Wake Village, TX 75501



Deadline for application is October 31, 2018

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